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Living With a Tribe Who's Never Seen a Foreigner (Laos) | Travel & Tourism Video Vloggers And Reviews


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This is such a beautiful story!!! I recently traveled to Laos, which in my opinion, is Asia’s Greatest Mystery. Nobody knows what’s happening in Laos, as it gets massively overlooked by its neighbors of Thailand and Vietnam.

While in Laos for my second visit, I had a goal to find the most remote tribe in the country — which led me to the Akha tribe. They live fascinating, remote lives up in the mountains and they have the most incredible traditional dresses. I actually had to take a domestic flight up North to a tiny town called Luang Namtha, and then drive 7 hours across a bumpy dirt road to find them. And yes, they really have never had a foreign visitor!

The Akha tribe lives on the border of China and Myanmar - that’s how remote I was! It was such a fascinating experience to spend a few days with them. I was pleased to discover that they are holding on to their traditions, even as modernization is slowly creeping in.

This is a story of family, happiness and FUN. Thank you for watching.

PS - this was supposed to be part 2 of my TRIBES series, but now it’s Part 1 because my South Sudan ‘Cow Tribe’ video got flagged and demonetized on YouTube. I’ll keep you posted on how/where you’ll be able to watch that video soon.

These tribe stories are my favorite, and they’re at my core of storytelling. I hope to do more of them in the future!

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