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Pristine Seas: The Global Expedition Launches in the Pacific | National Geographic Society | Travel & Tourism Video Vloggers And Reviews

National Geographic Pristine Seas has been exploring and helping to protect the ocean since 2008. The Pristine Seas team has surveyed marine waters from the poles to the tropics during 38 exciting expeditions. But their work is not finished. Pristine Seas is now launching a thrilling new project to expand its impact with a tried and tested blueprint of science, storytelling, economics and policy, and partnerships. Pristine Seas: The Global Expedition is a five-year voyage to help protect vital places in the ocean.

The team will travel across the Pacific, the largest and deepest of the Earth’s ocean basins, onboard the Argo, an exploration vessel equipped to explore the ocean from shallow to deep, from microbes to sharks. The Argo will carry an international group of scientists and filmmakers on board. Their work will highlight stories of local conservation leaders, showcase the power of Pacific Islanders’ traditional knowledge, and fill critical data gaps to help country leaders make important decisions on marine protection. This effort aims to bring leaders in ocean conservation together to help protect vital places in the ocean by 2030, so ocean life can thrive and continue providing for humanity.

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About National Geographic Pristine Seas:
National Geographic Pristine Seas is an exploration, research and media project founded and led by National Geographic Explorer in Residence Enric Sala. The Pristine Seas team is comprised of determined scientists, policy experts and filmmakers who work to inspire the creation of protected areas where marine life can thrive—while ensuring effective management for years to come. Pristine Seas has helped to inspire the creation of 26 marine reserves, an area totalling over 6.5M square kilometers. Learn more at nationalgeographic.org/pristineseas.

About The Global Expedition:
National Geographic Pristine Seas: The Global Expedition is a bold new ocean conservation effort. The Pristine Seas team will spend five years exploring the tropical Pacific, with the goal of increasing the protection of our ocean. Our goal is to help inspire the establishment of large marine protected areas in the places that would deliver the most benefits to marine life and local communities, including food security and mitigation of climate change.

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Pristine Seas: The Global Expedition Launches in the Pacific | National Geographic Society

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