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LIVE: Sink Your Teeth into National Geographic's SHARKFEST | Now Streaming | Nat Geo | Travel & Tourism Video Vloggers And Reviews

If you’re looking for the most authentic and comprehensive shark viewing experience ever, look no further than National Geographic’s SHARKFEST. Sink your teeth into summer with our 24/7 livestream, the go-to destination for science-first shark content— taking you up close and personal with the ocean’s apex predator.

Episode List!
Baby Sharks - Baby sharks are cute, but they need to grow up fast. Witness the vulnerable side to these top predators as they learn to navigate a dangerous world.

Camo Sharks - For the first time, shark experts aim to uncover a great white sharks’ ability to manipulate their dermal skin cells and activate camouflage.

Counting Jaws - Shark scientists dive deep into a new Great White hot spot in California, and Guadalupe island, to produce a new white shark population estimate.

Game of Sharks - It’s time for sharks to face off in the ultimate species competition. Will the great white be on top? Or will an underdog swim into first place?

Jaws Invasion - From golf courses and backyards, to ponds and swimming pools; sharks are invading unexpected places. Learn how they end up in these waters and why.

Jaws vs. Boats - Viral videos of sharks attacking boats abound. Dr. Mike Heithaus and PHD Candidate Sara Casareto investigate what’s causing this clash.

Maui Shark Mystery - To solve the secret gathering of Maui tiger sharks, a fearless team of scientists dive in and collect the crucial data to help crack the case.

Shark Queens - From great white sharks in South Africa to tiger sharks in the Maldives, scientists look to uncover if female sharks are the rulers of the ocean.

Shark Side of the Moon - Shark Side of the Moon presents an unprecedented glimpse into the fascinating lives of hammerhead sharks and their surprising connection to the moon.

Sky Sharks: Closer Than You Think - Drones are revealing that some sharks live closer to our shores than we might like to imagine. It’s time to check who’s swimming behind you!

Shark Superpower - Two experts go to extraordinary lengths to take shark science into the wild as they investigate two iconic shark superpowers – speed and bite force.

Sharks That Eat Everything - From sardines and seals to submarines and suits of armor, nothing is safe from sharks’ inquisitive jaws.

World's Biggest Hammerhead? - A team of shark scientists from Florida International University, are on an expedition to try and find the world’s biggest great hammerhead.
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