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Abandoned Railroad Town | Steam Train Found | Destination Adventure


Haida Gwaii has a tremendous amount of history, across a vast spectrum of subjects. The First Nation history dates back to the earliest in out country, but there is a lot of history scattered along these islands from industry and towns that have been basically forgotten. If you take a boat out on the water here and cruise along the coastline, it is hard to get out of site from one historic location before you spot another. Logging has been the main industry leading to all of these boom and bust locations, and the amount left behind is astonishing.

If is hard to find much if you are not diligently looking, because the moss and the regrowth of the forest quickly take over again, but if you put in the time you will discover so much. I ended up finding Aero Camp, formerly Allison Camp, completely by accident. When Kirtus was visiting, we were heading out to Sewell Inlet when we saw some pilings sticking out of the water. Upon closer inspection, it was obvious this was the location of something quite large. I recognized a couple of the larger pieces of iron as components of a locomotive, so plans were made for a revisit.

The second visit did not disappoint, and I think I even managed to find what is left of an entire train left on the tracks. It is difficult to say what is left of Aero Camp, because there is very little documentation of the site between its abandonment in 1955 and today. I am sure that anything of value was taken or scavenged, and anything wood would have decomposed, but there is enough left today to more than peak your curiosity.

It is a shame I didn't have more time to pursue this story properly, but never the less it was an amazing site to visit.

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