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Best Countries in the World to Travel 2024


Are you looking for the best countries in the world to travel? We put together a list of of 30 of the best countries in the world to travel. These are also great countries to live as well. Whether you are a backpacker, digital nomad or someone who is planning a vacation or even a honeymoon this list will serve your travel desires. If you love traveling the world and want to see more beautiful destinations you can also watch our other travel guides from around the world.

30 Best Countries To Travel 2024
0:00 Intro
0:26 Switzerland
1:27 Thailand
2:26 Costa Rica
3:38 Mexico
4:51 Spain
5:52 Greece
7:07 UAE
8:15 Peru
9:16 Philippines
9:41 Japan
10:57 New Zealand
12:04 Monaco
13:19 Croatia
14:29 Montenegro
15:43 Iceland
16:50 Indonesia
18:07 Singapore
19:25 Vietnam
20:07 Australia
20:45 Taiwan
21:50 Portugal
22:34 South Africa
23:04 Morocco
23:35 Sri Lanka
24:02 Turkey
25:16 France
26:21 United Kingdom
27:44 Aruba
28:53 United States
30:04 Netherlands
30:41 Outro

Island Hopper TV takes you around the world to the premiere travel destinations. Our virtual travel guides from across America to Asia, Europe and Australia have assisted many world travelers in educating themselves on their next destination to travel or even vacation.

Watch at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=124gA7_3uCYYouTube

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