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Homeland Security agencies relentlessly combat drug trafficking at America’s busiest airports and along the southern border from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley. Together, CBP and HSI seize illicit contraband, intercept priceless artifacts, pursue cartel money launderers, rescue victims of trafficking, and work internationally to eradicate illegal gold mining in Colombia.


Six Million Dollar Seizure:
HSI uncovers a multi-million-dollar cocaine smuggling ring of airline employees. CBP sniffs out drugs using the nation’s largest team of K-9s.

Drug Boat Bust:
CBP seizes counterfeit medications, and HSI pursues a series of maritime smuggling cases.

Smuggled and Muzzled
CBP intercepts 36 kilos of cocaine concealed in a car’s floor, and stops a puppy smuggler.

Bunked in a Trunk
CBP confronts human smuggling at the San Ysidro border crossing, while HSI nabs a car loaded with 6 kilos of fentanyl pills headed into California.

Smorgasbord of Smack
HSI nabs car loaded with a medley of narcotics, while CBP seizes looted ancient artifacts.

Killer Ketamine
CBP screens for club drugs hidden in toiletries, while HSI uncovers meth buried in garlic.

Jungle Stash
CBP hunts for drug runners in the jungles of Puerto Rico and finds meth in a car bumper.

Guns of New York
HSI busts an illegal gun operation in NYC, while CBP confronts a meth surge from Mexico.

Gas Tank Meth
HSI snags a truck loaded with meth, while CBP’s beagles sniff out contraband.

Powdered Rims
HSI seizes cocaine-filled tire rims in Puerto Rico and a load of meth and fentanyl in San Diego. CBP Miami intercepts $400,000 of cash bound for Cuba.

Million Dollar Ride
HSI and CBP seize counterfeit cash and fake vax cards arriving from Peru. CBP Calexico pulls 205 kilos of meth from a heavily loaded car.

Dope on a Rope
CBP Nogales catches an internal body carrier, while CBP San Diego finds 22 kilos of meth strung together in a gas tank.

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