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Remote Pacific Islands | Exploring by Boat | Destination Adventure

The archipelago of Haida Gwaii is remote group of over 1000 islands, most of which can only be accessed by boat. Lucky for me, I travel with a boat that is capable of some pretty awesome ocean adventures. Coming to Haida Gwaii, I knew I would be taking any chance I could to get on the water and get out to some of the spots that few people ever get to see, and this one certainly did not disappoint, but first we had to take the opportunity to visit Rose Spit.

Rose Spit is an absolutely beautiful place to visit, with an absolutely unbelievable view. There are no roads to the tip of the spit, but some people do take their vehicles, but you will see in this video the risk that comes with that decision. I am thankful to have been able to see it without risking the truck, and if youre visiting Haida Gwaii I recommend adding it to your list. On the way to Rose Spit is Toe Hill, which is another awesome stop with some glorious views and rock structures. From both of these locations you can even see the far off mountain ranges of Alaska.

Getting down to Rennell sound is a really fun trip, but it comes with a warning. The final three km of the trip will take you down the fourth Steepest hill in North America, at 25% grade. Lots of folks had warned me about taking my truck down there, but it is actually no problem at all. If it has been raining, I think the hill might not be as easy, but on the right day it can easily be done in a car. The camp spots in Rennell Sound are beautiful, and the adventures out of here are spectacular. Being on the west coast, the ocean can be incredibly dangerous here, so make sure to plan your trips out very accordingly. The fishing is very good (if you're not me), the coastline and views are beautiful, and if you do some research you can find a fair bit of history scattered behind the tree line here.

We set out in search of an abandoned logging camp, but unfortunately it seems that there is not much left to see today. Never the less, it was a great adventure with some great company.

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