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Abandoned and Nearly Stranded on Lucy Island | Destination Adventure


Getting to explore Haida Gwaii this summer has been an absolute treat, but it is nice to be back on the mainland and exploring some of the places I have missed. I have spent a fair bit of time around lucy island trying to catch salmon, but I had never had the opportunity to go on shore for a closer look. The trip out to Lucy Island is beautiful, but it does involve s brief crossing on the open ocean, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly. This was a perfectly calm day on the ocean, but unfortunately I did encounter some issues trying to pull the boat up on the beach.

I have looked back at the footage, and I have tried to figure out what exactly went wrong, but I think this is just one of those situations that happens from time to time. When I nosed the boat up onto the sand, I did it the same as I have hundreds of times before, but this time there seemed to be a series of unexpected large waves right behind me. Before the first wave came, it pulled all the water out from under the boat, and the beach was dry for about 15 feet behind me. This was the first clue that something odd was happening. Before I could get out and adjust the boat, the waves started crashing onto the beach and into the boat. I am fortunate that the Swellfish is such a stable boat, because it took about four minutes of thrashing around in the waves to get the boat back out to a safe place. A bit of camera gear was wrecked, but all in all for a bad situation it went very well.

Though I was happy to make my way back to lucy island, this was not my first spell of bad luck there. In fact, the "fishing enigma" of Destination Adventure started at Lucy Island two years ago. I tried for a whole week to catch a salmon here, where every other boat was getting a limit every day, but I never was able to catch a salmon. All day long I would troll around the island, but never a bite. Though my luck didn't turn around at Lucy, I was able to finally cross my salmon off the list this year. I thought for sure I would be able to catch my salmon on Haida Gwaii, I was happy it happened at China Bar. With the Motorhome, I always had to drive past this spot and envy the folks camping on the bar, but with the new rig it was a piece of cake. Camping right on the bar by the skeena river was awesome, and to finish my stay with the success of a catch was just the success I needed after my disaster at Lucy Island.

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