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Fishing the Abandoned Resort | Best Fishing Ever | Destination Adventure


The day I get to head north is always a good day. If I am already "north", getting to head even further is a treat. Haida Gwaii was the last official plan of the season, so heading up the cassiar for some late season fun was a no brainer. I absolutely love the Cassiar Highway, but I haven't actually gotten to explore it much, because I am usually just passing through on route north. This season I am able to really slow down and enjoy some of the adventures off of the highway. This entire route, from BC to Yukon is one of my favourites because start to finish it does not have cell phone reception, it is the ultimate release. In my case, that makes work a bit more of a challenge, but now having the starlink, I am able to stay in these locations basically until I am out of supplies.

The Skeena river valley, between Terrace and Prince Rupert is so beautiful, I think it is possibly one of the most under rated drives in BC. Most folks are just commuting from one town to the next, but if you take the time to really absorb the environment around you, it is truly spectacular. Turning in Terrace will take you into the Nass Valley, another frequently visited location on Destination Adventure, but one that I will never grow tired of. The lava beds of the Nass are a sad piece of history, but have left behind some really spectacular views. Beautiful blue rivers and lakes, appear and disappear as the water works its way towards the ocean. This time of year, with the fall colours, it is hard to make it very far without having to stop to take in another beautiful landscape.

Once you get to the Cassiar highway, make sure you know your route because supplies are limited. There are only a few places to get fuel, and only one place for groceries. Passing such a large area, with no access to service and limited supplies, may scare some of the travelers to the Alaska Highway, but for me there is no better route. Plus, if you have a boat, the fishing is fantastic.

As a traveler and a fisherman, the opportunity to get into a species I don't have access to back home is a real treat, and for me Pike fishing is the best. I have only been able to try a few times to catch a pike, but a couple of those days have been the best fishing days ever for me. Pike are aggressive feeders, so if you can find the right location the fishing can be very productive. It is hard to fly fish for Pike, because they have such sharp teeth, you have to use a piece of cable at the end of your line. That, plus a heavy fly, makes casting a real challenge and I am certainly no pro at it. I swing that heavy fly back and forth, until finally i get enough momentum to lob it out there twenty or thirty feet, but thats all it takes. I was on the water for about three hours all toll, and much of the time was taken up with filming, but still managed to get into a dozen fish.

These fish can get really big, and that can be so exciting, but for me it is just exciting to have such a productive and successful day. Pike is actually very good to eat, but they can be a challenge to fillet because of the bones. If my freezer wasn't full of salmon, I would have kept a pike, but this time was just for fun, and was it ever fun.

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