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Maya Ruins of Yaxchilán & Bonampak and the Lacandon Jungle, Chiapas, Mexico [Amazing Places 4K]

Yaxchilán & Bonampak are two Maya archeological sites deep in the Lacandon Jungle in the state of Chiapas in Mexico. Yaxchilan (years 350-800) is located on the Usumacinta River, on the border between Mexico and Guatemala. Yaxchilan has a well-known history with at least 19 recorded kings. Bonampak (around 580-800) was a vassal state of Yaxchilan. It is famous for the pre-Columbian painted murals showing the story of the last king of Bonampak (years 790-792).

Recorded November 2021 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX700 and Osmo Pocket 2.

Hector Mukomol - Immersion - 1 - Depth
Licensed via ilicensemusic.com
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