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New York City Urban Exploration UNDERGROUND in Tunnels...

 The New York City tunnels are a series of underground passages that are located in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. They are used for transportation of people and goods, as well as the circulation of water.

The twin tunnels, carrying Interstate 278, were opened in 1967. The tunnels were a result of a compromise between Robert Moses and the federal government. Moses wanted a bridge, but this was opposed by residents because of the proximity of the bridge to the United Nations headquarters.

The New York City Tunnel System is a network of tunnels and access points under the city streets of New York. It is part of the municipal water and sewer system built by the city government to re-route water from the Croton River (in Westchester County, New York) to the Hillview Reservoir (in The Bronx).

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