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The Most Luxurious...and... ABANDONED City!

The Varosha tour will take you to the area of Famagusta, Cyprus. It is a fascinating place, which belonged to the northern part of the city. It is still deserted, but you can see the remnants of the past times. This tour will take you to the places that are still abandoned after the invasion of 1974. You will have the chance to see the beach resorts, the tourist facilities, the shops, the hotels, the houses, the streets, the swimming pools, the gyms, the cafes, the restaurants, the churches, the mosques, the clubs, the underground caves, the air-raid shelters, the schools, the universities, the hospitals, the nightclubs, the discos, the casinos.

The Varosha tour is the best way to experience the magnificent beauty of the Mediterranean. You'll sail around the island of Cyprus, visiting the medieval strongholds of Kyrenia, the traditional villages of the Turkish-Cypriot north, and the cosmopolitan town of Limassol. This tour is an excellent option for anyone who wants to take a break from the modern world and experience the authentic Cypriot lifestyle.
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