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Best Cities in The World to Visit & Live 2023 4K


Are you looking for the best cities in the world for Travel 2024? We just created a list of 25 must visit cities for you to travel around the world! In this best cities in the world travel guide we show you around European cities, Asian cities, American cities, Latin America and much more in this world travel vlog! You could say this is the best cities in the world to live in as well as travel.

In this travel documentary this list was created using a variety of factors, including safety, affordability, access to transportation, culture and more. If you're thinking of doing some travel in the next few years, be sure to check out this travel list and see which cities are best for you!

People often ask what is the best city in the world to live and that is often rated as Vienna, Austria which we did include on this list. This is a full list of 25 of the best cities in the world to travel or live.

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Best Cities in the World 2023
0:00 Intro
0:47 Rio De Janeiro Brazil
1:55 New York City
3:05 Paris France
4:25 Tokyo Japan
5:35 Barcelona Spain
6:55 Rome Italy
8:10 Bangkok Thailand
9:28 Dubai UAE
10:53 London United Kingdom
12:08 Istanbul Turkey
13:28 Vancouver Canada
14:28 Amsterdam Netherlands
15:29 Sydney Australia
16:28 San Diego California USA
17:46 Montreal Canada
18:46 Singapore
20:01 Cairo Egypt
21:19 Miami Florida USA
22:34 Vienna Austria
23:37 Krakow Poland
24:42 Athens Greece
25:51 Toronto Canada
26:53 Hong Kong
28:13 Seoul South Korea
29:09 Prague Czech Republic

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