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Decades Carried on the Ice | Remarkable Glacier Activity | Destination Adventure

There is a certain energy that comes with a visit to the glaciers. I have never felt as free, or as alive as I do when I am exploring or visiting the glaciers, but this experience was something completely different. Being able to camp right above the glacier, with a view across the valley to a glorious waterfall, with no people anywhere to be seen and calving the way it was, turned this two day stay into a five day dream. I spent a portion of every day down at the glacier, listening to it pop and groan as it makes its way down the mountain. The energy in the air is peaceful and comforting, but the calving is dangerous and exciting. To me, it is the perfect mixture of the emotions. It feel so good to finally be north, and I could not have asked for a better start to the northern travel season.

A wild thing about glaciers that most people don't realize, is that they are constantly moving. They flow down the mountain like a solid river, carving away the rock beneath them. I certainly did not expect to find signs of humans on the glacier surface, but never the less there they are. Where they came from though, is a completely other story. Most likely they relate back to the time of the now abandoned Granduc mine, which has not been active for more than 40 years. These remains could have been carried for decades on the glacier, leaving the destination further and further behind every day. Were they put there from an avalanche? Or possibly a team trying to cross the ice field? It is too dangerous to try and access them now by foot, but who know what may be lost at the bottom of a crevasse, never to be seen again.

Crazy enough, this is actually not the only surprise we will find on the mountain during this visit, but that is for next week. ;)

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