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Everything You NEED To Know Visiting Japan 2023


JAPAN: in this Japan travel guide we show you everything you need to know visiting Japan. We discuss everything from transportation in Japan like high speed trains called the Shinkansen, to the Tokyo metro. We also discuss safety in Japan, best things to do in Japan and local food for you to familiarize yourself with. There are things you should not do in Japan which we also discuss.

I spent 2 weeks going across Japan and this is my third time there. My favorite things about Japan is the food and the metro systems. The most challenging part of Japan is the language barrier so try to learn as much of the language as you can.

Best Things To Do in Tokyo Japan:


Best Things To Do in Osaka Japan:


Japan Travel Guide

0:00 Japan Intro

0:16 Arrival

1:01 Where To Go

1:34 What To Wear

2:45 Cultural Activities

3:56 Geography

4:26 People

5:33 Safety

6:51 Transportation

8:52 Things Not To Do

11:04 Mask Wearing

11:41 Best Time To Visit

12:23 Check-in Process

13:36 Money

14:37 Interesting Facts

15:36 Food

16:39 Outro

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Watch at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xoDHNhgT80YouTube

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